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Greg Hunter

Social Studies
Greg Hunter taught Science in Alberta for 30 years. He believes history should be done and taught with a reverence for evidence and reason. “Greg's talks challenge teachers—and all of us—to never assume that received narratives are necessarily true. Such skepticism is the basis of real democracy.” - Adam Hochschild, History Professor at UC Berkeley and author 'King Leopold's Past Reviews: “This was terrific! I think this guy has done such a good job here that I caught all his other sessions and loved being able to pause and google things as he went. Get this presenter back again next year! I'm blown away by the research and balanced conclusions and think his presenting it is courageous. I'm thrilled at having quality content at the convention. Thanks so much!” “I'm so very impressed that our convention has subject matter like this and am grateful important discussions like this are happening. Thank you! I am full of new ideas that I hadn't had before attending this session.” “Helpful content for social studies curriculum” “A complicated topic that clarified the beginnings of problems that are not easily solved today. As a ELA specialist, I like the connection to Konrad.” “Alternate narratives are useful. I am hoping to find a way to bring a better / deeper meaning to my SS classes (20 and 30) in terms of the impact of imperialism and Canada's role - peacekeeping as idealism and the reality.” “After reading "The Poisonwood Bible" I wanted to learn more about the horrific political realities of the Congo. Thanks.” “After watching this, the question naturally comes up as to why this isn't taught as part of the Social Studies curriculum? My humble proposal is that it is too difficult, in every sense of the word. Love the Sjursen and Wilkerson clips! Well done!” “SO informative! This session was completely engaging and I could not keep up with my note taking. It was such an incredible session. Thank you so much for the research you have done! Best conference ever. Should be zoomed every year!” “So good! This challenged many things I thought I knew and made me contemplate other narratives."